Re: Are there any MySQL queries or software packages for "finding similar items"

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As strong as Perl is at string manipulation, this is the kind of
problem domain that Lisp is ideally suited for. At least one
introduction, Lisp 3rd (Winston and Horn) devotes the last half of the
book to consideration of these kinds of problems, and can be had for
$1.68 as a used book on,, etc.

I don't know what kind of time you have to devote to solving the
problem, or the strength of your interest, or your previous
experience, but I would strongly suggest that if you have the time,
interest, and experience, that you would do well to read through W&H,
Lisp 3rd.

If you want something meatier, Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence
Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp (Norvig) seems to make the
top ten list of everyone's Best Books in computer science.

Essentially, what you would want to do is parse the student query for
key words, perhaps building a database of common search terms, and
match them against your database, perhaps iteratively using random
permutations, using the standard Lisp pattern matching techniques.


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