[RDBO] ANNOUNCE: Rose::DB::Object 0.72 released

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This is another release with important bug fixes.  The ref-count stuff in
particular should make a big difference in persistent environments like

Files sent to CPAN and on SF.net now:


Changes below.


    * Many reference-count bugs fixed, including several that could cause
      database handles to leak.
    * Fixed a bug that could cause "empty" sub-objects to be created when
      processing certain with_objects parameters.
    * Improved the accessor/mutator methods for these column types: set,
      array, and boolean.
    * Changed the BigInt and BigSerial column classes to use normal Perl
      scalars instead of Math::BigInt objects when perl has been compiled
      to use native 64-bit integers.  (Suggested by Jesse Brown)
    * Added the inject_results Manager parameter to bypass the standard
      object creation mechanism in cases where it's the dominant factor
      in overall performance.

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