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What are the advantages of your modules for GMP
over the module the GMP itself includes in /demos?

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perl -E 'say 111_111_111**2;'

Re: Question to Sisyphus

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The only significant problem I ever had with the GMP module was that
if I used GMP objects in Math::MPFR I could occasionally get
segfaults. I was never able to work out why they happened - my own
Math::GMP* objects have never posed the same problem for me (nor have
Math::GMP objects). My modules do set the readonly flag on the objects
- but that's not likely to generally be an issue. Math::GMP objects
don't set the readonly flag either - and, as I said, they've never
posed a problem for me.

I don't think Kevin Ryde (the GMP author) is involved with gmp any
more - so it's probably not being maintained (I haven't checked),
though Torbjorn would possibly accept patches.

I could probably find a few examples of gmp functions that aren't
covered in the GMP module.

OTOH, there are probably arguments to be made in favour of Ryde's
module - which was, after all, written by a far more skilled
mathematician and programmer.

So ... I guess the brief answer to your question is "not many, if
any" :-)


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