Question on Spreadshee::Basicread

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I have another issue and thank you for your time. This time I think it
is a bug. I am pasting the relevant portion of the perl script here. I
am using activestate perl version 5.10.

#!d:\perl\bin\perl -w

use strict;
use File::Basename;
use Env;
use Data::Dumper;
use Cwd;
use Spreadsheet::ParseExcel;
use Spreadsheet::BasicRead;

< later in the perl script..>

while (my $data = $ss->getNextRow())
  my $string = "@$data";

     if($found_header != 1 && $string =~ /Address/ && $string =~ /Div/ &&
$string =~ /Reg/ && $string =~ /Zone/)
       $found_header = 1;

In the code above, if the first two columns in the input data of the
spreadsheet are "completely blank" the contents of @$data are
different from the case if at least one of contents of the column are
non blank.


Case 1

ColumnA    ColumnB    ColumnC

@$data = ("",5) and I would expect it to be ("","",2,5)

Case 2

ColumnA    ColumnB    ColumnC
        2        5
        10        20

@$data = ("",2,5)

It seems as if consecutive blanks are treated as one and this is not
expected. Can you let me know your thoughts? Thanks.

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