Proposing a new namespace and modules: caGRID

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I'm writing to propose a new namespace within CPAN for code dedicated
to submitting and retrieving from caGRID. According to the docs
"caGrid is a service-oriented platform that supports cutting-edge
collaborative e-Science by providing the tools for organizations to
integrate data silos, securely share data and compose analysis
pipelines. caGrid supports e-Science initiatives in basic,
translational, and clinical research." The focus of caGRID at the
moment is primarily cancer research, and publicly available data
offered by caGRID currently is concerned with proteins and genes and
experiments on proteins and genes as they relate to cancer. Please see and for more information.

The modules in this package are dedicated to constructing, validating,
and sending CQL queries to caGRID, as CQL is the structured XML query
language used in caGRID. These modules would be used by developers to
construct "easy to use" Perl modules that would also be placed in the
caGRID namespace and be used directly by scientists or clinicians.

Here is the proposed structure:

            (CQL 1.0 XSDs)
            (Transfer XSDs)

Where module names like "Group" and "Association" correspond directly
to XML elements in CQL. So, actual modules would look like
caGRID::Transfer::Client or caGRID::CQL1::Group.

Your comments are welcome,

Brian Osborne

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