Proposed module: Number::NaryPP

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A self-contained (pure-perl) implementation of Number::Nary (except that
it uses Carp and strict!)

($enc,$dec) = n_codec($digits);
$encoded = &$enc($number);
$decoded = &$dec($encoded);

It basically does exactly the same thing, but without the prerequisits

I wanted Number::Nary on my machine, but couldn't install the
prerequisits (More-Utils, got reams and reams of "dereferencing pointer
to incomplete type"), so I emulated it.  Do you think I should upload it
to CPAN?

Re: Proposed module: Number::NaryPP

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Ummm .... my first reaction is that you'd be better off geting the
problem(s) with List::MoreUtils fixed. The author of that module is fairly
responsive - and would, I think, be willing and keen to solve any problems
you have. (There's a good chance he'll respond to your post, anyway.) The
latest version of that module (0.18) was uploaded to cpan a couple of weeks
ago. Have you tried it ?


Re: Proposed module: Number::NaryPP

I don't think there's a problem with the module... but with my system!
I'm not sure what's wrong really... I'm running Ubuntu and everything
gets installed with packages.  I'd probably have a clue if I was still
running SuSE 7.0 because I had to install everything "by hand" (pretty
much) and so I'd've known exactly what was missing from my kit!

Do you think windows users might find PP versions of modules that
include C useful?? You know, for those poor suckers who can't even
compile their own perl/modules (like me, currently!)?

Re: Proposed module: Number::NaryPP

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Just a quick hint, something it took me way too long to find on my own.

sudo apt-get install dh-make-perl
dh-make-perl --build --cpan Some::CPAN::Module
sudo dpkg -i libsome-cpan-module-perl_0.00-1_all.deb

The second command there will gab a module from CPAN and build a deb.
These debs will follow the deb standards for perl module package naming
which means if there is an official deb of a newer version in the future,
apt will upgrade to it just fine.


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