Proposed module: Music::ChordNamer

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Dear Perl Modulers

Re: Proposed module: Music::ChordNamer

I've already written it.  You give it some notes, it works out what to
call the chord.  Notes may be given as a list or a string.  If
wantarray, it gives you all the names it came up with, most likely
first, otherwise it just gives you the most likely name.

It works by assuming that:

1) You give it the notes in order, from lowest to highest
2) The bottom note or the second to bottom note is either the root, 3rd
or 5th

It then goes through the six permutations of notes 1 or 2 being the 1st,
3rd or 5th... figures out what to call them based on what notes are in
them, and orders them by name-length (shortest first).  Because of the
way they're named (eg, having no 3rd is given the penalty of extending
the name by the length of "no-3rd"), this always (in my testing of the
module) gives the correct name.

Diminished chords are handled also (by a special catch), including the
two types of sevenths.

So what do you think?? Is Music::ChordNamer the correct name for this

NOTE: This module would would form a lovely partnership with
Music::Image::Chord ... you could write a script/app/plugin/webpage that
  automatically adds chord symbols to music or something.

Kind regards to all


Re: Proposed module: Music::ChordNamer

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If Music::Image::Chord could be renamed into


and yours to


I prefer the latter anyway (over Music::ChordNamer), especially if there
are more Chord modules coming :-D.

John                Experienced Perl programmer:

Re: Proposed module: Music::ChordNamer

OK... Music::Chord::Namer it is!

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