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Dear group,

I have had out, for a couple years, a large script whose functionality
includes querying the USGS' web service for the elevation given a
latitude and longitude. I have come to the conclusion that this would
be easier to maintain as a separate module.

The service being interfaced is documented at

The module has an object-oriented interface, and implements methods
getElevation and getAllElevations (corresponding to the methods
offered by the USGS), plus new(), get(), and set(), the last two being
the attribute accessor and mutator.

First question: Is this something potentially suitable for CPAN? I
have not found anything equivalent there, so I don't _think_ I'm re-
inventing the wheel. People who double-check behind me in should discount the hit in Astro-satpass, since that
hit is the large script I'm thinking of redoing.

Second question: What about the chosen name? OK? Something different?

Third question: Are there other forums I might take this to?


Tom Wyant

Re: Proposed Geo::Elevation::USGS

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You can try the geo-perl mailing list. There hasn't been a lot of
activity there, lately, but you might start some and get some feedback.

See <

Jim Gibson

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