Process syncronization in perl?

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I need to manage inter-process syncronization in perl.  I'm running a
multi-platform software build on 4 machines, all sharing a common NFS
mounted file system.  The gist of the operation looks like this:

Step 1: Do some common stuff on a master host (check out a sandbox from
CVS, do some tagging, etc).

Step 2: In parallel on each of 4 different machines (Solaris, Linux,
HP-UX, NT), run one phase of the compilation process.

Step 3: Do some more common CVS stuff on the master.

Step 4: Another compilation phase in parallel on the 4 machines.

Step 5: Finish up with some more common stuff on the master.

The pre-existing build scripts already take care of doing the right
thing on each platform and segregating the platform-specific build
products in distinct directories.  What I need to do is get the
inter-step syncronization working.

I'm sure I could roll my own by creating and deleting lock files, but if
there's some pre-existing module which handles this type of stuff, it
would make sense to use that.  Does such a module exist?

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