Problem with Net::Telnet

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Hi Folks,

I am writing a script to get information from a Redline box, problem I
am running into is the Redline box has paging turned on (cannot be
disabled) so halfway through the output it sends: [More 10%] and that
causes my script to fail without error.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

$lbIP  = "";
$username = "myuser";
$password = "mypassword";

use Net::Telnet ();

# Login to the device
    $prompt = '/.*%/';

    $t = new Net::Telnet (Timeout => 40,
        input_log => "/tmp/logs/file_name_telnet.txt",
        Dump_Log   => "/tmp/logs/file_name_All.txt",
        Errmode => 'return',
        Prompt => $prompt);


    $t->waitfor(Timeout => 40,
        Match => '/login: $/i') or die "Could not telnet";

    $t->waitfor('/Password: $/i');
    $t->waitfor($prompt) or die "Check passwords";

    $cmdToSend = "show slb group\n";
    my @slbRIPArray = $t->cmd(String=>$cmdToSend) or die "Failed";

My question:
Why does it not timeout and fail with error message?
How do I solve this problem?

Thanks a lot for help

The logs files show the following:
Redline% show slb group

port: 80
policy: roundrobin
protocol: tcp
nat: full
nat port start: 1024
nat port end: 8000
sticky: disabled
softpause sticky override: disabled
smtp healthcheck: disabled
pause: none
priority based loadbalancing: disabled
minhosts: 3

IP:Port          Weight  Maxconn  Priority  Status    Pause
----------------------------------------------------------------------     1    1000       1          Up      none       1    1000       1          Up      none           1    200       1        Down      none           1    200       1        Down      none
[=More (92%)=]

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