Problem with Name of Excel Chart

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Hi folks,
I have a perl script which produces a 4 worksheet Excel spreadsheet and
4 accompanying Excel Charts.
The data all looks fine but I have a problem I cannot solve.
I produce the charts via a loop in the script which loops 4 times.
For each chart, I want to name them according to the value of an array
my @location=qw/loc1 loc2 loc3 loc4/;

However the name on each Chart is never changed, so they are labelled
Chart1, Chart2 etc.

I tried changing the $location to "TEST" but all this does is to change
Chart1 to "TEST". Charts 2,3 and 4 are not changed.

N.B. This loop is used to rename the Worksheet labels also and that
works fine.

Any help most welcome.

 $Range = $Sheet->Range($cellend);

  my $Chart = $Book->Charts->Add;
  $Chart-> = xlLineMarkers;
  $Chart = $xl->ActiveChart;
  $Chart-> = 'TEST';
  $Chart->SetSourceData({Source => $Range, PlotBy => xlColumns});
  $Chart-> = 1;
  $Chart->ChartTitle-> = $location;
  $Chart->Axes(xlCategory, xlPrimary)-> = 1;
  $Chart->Axes(xlCategory, xlPrimary)->AxisTitle-> = "Time";
  $Chart->Axes(xlValue, xlPrimary)-> = 1;
  $Chart->Axes(xlValue, xlPrimary)->AxisTitle-> = "Milliseconds";

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