Problem with Authen::Captcha has frozen my development

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For some reason a Authen::Captcha stopped erasing just a few of the png
files, so last night I deleted them.  So this morning I get "Can't remove
png file [../cap_output/e18f95fe9d16728accc7dd2b2778771a.png]"  and it just

Any playing around with the codes.txt file doesn't help me either.  I
evenwent as far as creating a new directory, with the same rights, and
still, nada!

Anyone familiar with this situation?

I really am stuck now as I can't even use my website.

Thanks ahead,


Re: Problem with Authen::Captcha has frozen my development

Ok, I was able to create a new directory, with the proper rights, but am
stuck with this dilemma.

- Unknown why, but some of the image files from Authen::Captcha do not get
deleted.  Mind you, it's not often, but then again, once my site goes life,
how big might that be?

- The module is made to just stop if it can't delete a file (non-existant).

I wrote to the authors as I am not sure what proper procedure is here, that
perhaps if a file couldn't be deleted, it should just be removed from the
flatfile db and the program shoudl continue running.

Am curious, has anyone ever encountered something like this?

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