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I get an error when I try to install a module. Apart from the author
of the module, is there a specific place to discuss problems
installing a specific module?

Re: Problem Installing Module

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This is as good a place as any. What error? What module?


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Re: Problem Installing Module

On 04/04/2007 09:02 AM, Chris Velevitch wrote:
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Yes, this newsgroup :-)

Re: Problem Installing Module

I was installing Time::ParseDate on windows using ActivePerl and
nmake15.exe for use with and a test failed. I fact, the
failure generated pages and pages of test failure messages.

I'm a casual user of prewritten Perl scripts and have never written
Perl and in this case, I only need to run this script a couple of
times and then I'm done with it. And in typical novice fashion, I
focused more on the last couple of messages rather than the first
couple of messages.

As it turns out, the error was that the TZ environment variable wasn't
or couldn't be created by the make script which needed to set it to
run the tests. I have now manage to successfully install the module.

I'm aware that Perl and/or cpan have the capabilities to determine the
limitations of the environment it's running. It looks like the
installer for Time:ParseDate isn't taking the environmnet limitations
into account. A very useful feature for novices when using Perl and

Who or where go to ask that this be fixed?

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