problem in telnet using perl

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im a beginner in perl. At present im working on automation of testing.

i wrote a script to add a record in a remote system and to check the
contents of the record whether it is correctly added or not.

part of my code is like this
#upto know the record is added successfully when i checked it manually


$match='/config\/proxy\/pop3/'; #this is where the policy added in the
remote system.

$t -> cmd(Prompt => $match, String => "showtranspolicy -ruleid $ruleid
\n",Timeout =>10);  #this will list the contents of the record
($ruleid) which i added earlier

sleep 1;
open($fh2, "</home/user/work/show-object") or die "could not open show-
object: $!\n";

&chkPara;   # this will check the contents of the record based on the
logfile contents



#system("rm -rf /home/user/work/show-object");


My priblem is nothing is present in the logfile show-object. Can
anybody tell me where the problem

Thanks i advance,


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