Prob with Win32:: Perms

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Sorry for the newbie question and the answer is probably staring me in
the face, but....

Im running XP, Apache2.0.49(Win32), ActivePerl- and
successfully installed Win32::Perms

and my code is...

#!C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe -w
use Win32::Perms;

my $Dir = new Win32::Perms('c:/Test/test1.txt')|| die;

$Dir->Remove('Users')|| die;

$Dir->Set()|| die;

It keeps dying on line "$Dir->Remove('Users')|| die;".
The only time it actually worked was when I put "$Dir->Remove(-1)||
die;" and it remove all the permissions. It's like it doesnt like the
'User' bit.

Any ideas!?!?

Dave R, if you're out there... work your magic, please!!

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