PPM is missing...?

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I installed ActivePerl from the source distribution at
http://activestate.com/store/download.aspx?prdGUID=81fbce82-6bd5-49bc-a915-08d58c2648ca .

My platform is SunOS 5.10.

Installation went fine, but it did not install "ppm".  I realize I can
add packages using
    perl -MCPAN -eshell

But I loved the simplicity of PPM.

Any ideas on why it didn't get installed or how I can get it?


Re: PPM is missing...?

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I think you should raise this on ActiveState's ppm mailing to list. To do
that you'll need to first visit
http://listserv.activestate.com/mailman/mysubs and subscribe to the ppm
mailing list.

I don't know the answer to your question (obviously), but I would think that
there are people on that list who should be made aware of the problem (and
who can help with a solution). When you post there you should also specify
just which build of ActiveState perl you installed.

You could also file a bug report (start by visiting
http://bugs.activestate.com/help.cgi ) - but I'd try the mailing list before
doing that.


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