Portable dot-files (hidden-files) ?

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Greetings.  To get Term::Clui running (finally) on windows, I'll need
to create a dot-directory $HOME/.clui_dir, i.e. a hidden-directory, in
the user's home directory. Assume I can get $HOME with File::HomeDir,
how should I portably create a hidden-directory within it ?

Regards, Peter

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Re: Portable dot-files (hidden-files) ?

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I thought I replied to this yesterday, but it hasn't shown up yet, so
I'll try again. (Apologies for any duplication):

system("mkdir .clui_dir");
system("attrib +H .clui_dir");

For a more perlish solution, perl also has a 'mkdir' function, so I
guess that could be used instead.
And Win32::File ( a non core module) has a 'SetAttributes' function
that could be used to make the directory hidden.


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