POOF - Yet one more OO framework.

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Well, I finally uploaded POOF to CPAN.  I know, I know, there are
already too many OO frameworks already, but although some of them are
really good I was not completely happy with any of them so I create my
own based on a tied hash for regular classes or array for
collections.  I really hope some of you can use it and that no one is
terribly offended by my somewhat unconventional coding style and poor

The primary design goals behind this module where:

Encapsulation with 3 levels of access (Public, Protected and Private)
Distinction between class properties and class methods
Allowing of mix and matching between POOF OO and standard inheritance.
Consolidation of error handling.
Group operation on properties.
Bring back the beautiful Perl class with their hash and array cores
without sacrificing encapsulation.
It must work under mod_perl and mod_perl+mason.
Enough performance for it to be practical.

I'm looking for comments or suggestions.

Thanks you,


Re: POOF - Yet one more OO framework.

bmillares wrote:
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Hi - you may want to look up what the word "poof" means in British (and
probably Australasian) forms of English.



Re: POOF - Yet one more OO framework.

I don't think there is anything wrong with "POOF"...Perl Object
Oriented Framework...that has a good ring to it.  I have my own Perl
OO Framework that I've been using/working on for the past few years
and I had also considered calling it POOF...but since that's taken
maybe I'll have to go with Perl Object Oriented Programming.

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