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An HTTP/HTTPS "Persistent Session Daemon" and CGI accelerator.

This is somewhere between a proof-of-concept and a prototype,
and is a bit rough around the edges. Your feedback is welcome.


. a new approach to true persistent session processes with CGI
. lightweight event-driven HTTP/HTTPS server manages sessions
. each CGI session runs in it's own process--no more overlaps!
. based on a pattern I call "Server / Controller / SubProcess"
   a hugely useful pattern that consists of three components:
   a network server, a process manager, and a set of child
   processes that asynchronously perform long-running tasks

. ability to direct-connect, or proxy through an Apache server
. proxy/redirection URLs integrate seamlessly w/existing apps
. can load balance w/multiple servers, or on multiple hosts
. uses Apache-style directives in the server configuration file
. back-end CGI is a file descriptor; not limited to Perl scripts

. includes subclass of CGI.pm to help with persistence issues
. includes a module to selectively proxy from Apache server
. includes two alternatives to adding another Perl module into
   your Apache server: using either mod_proxy or mod_rewrite
. includes a script to create/self-sign SSL server certificates
. no recompiling Apache or building C-libs is necessary (well,
   unless you need to add mod_proxy, mod_ssl or OpenSSL)

. has other uses, too, such as URL-addressable shared memory
. good for secure access to user data and/or on machines where
   running a full Web server is not appropriate

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