Perl under MS IIS with access to MySQL

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I have been working with MS IIS, ASP, SQL Server, Oracle for several years.
I currently try to migrate that experience to another environment. I am
about to use Perl under MS IIS with access to a MySQL database.

I did some testing. That worked well. However, sometimes a detailed
background-knowledge is missing.

[1] For accessing MySQL I included and used a library with "use MySQL".
Afterwards I found out that there are other components for database access.
Here I can give the keywords DBI/DBD.

  - What I have used is a low-level component, correct?

  - DBI/DBD can be regarded as above that component, correct?

  - Does DBI/DBD use the component that I used?

  - Is one of those components better than the other for usage under MS IIS?

[2] If I open a connection under IIS/ASP/SQLServer, later close that
connection, it won't actually be closed. A caching will take place, so that
the next connection/open might get the returned connection. This is very
usefull when working under an internet server.

  - Will IIS / Perl / use MySQL offer such a caching?

  - Will IIS / Perl / DBI/DBD offer such a caching?

  - If no caching takes place, how do you achieve caching?

Michael G. Schneider
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