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I dont understand when we declare a new in a package. It is always use
new($class, %args).
For method, ususally method($self, %args) to pass input parameter. So, we
dont use the $class and $self anyway, what is the purpose putting there?

I have read the tutorials already but still not understand.


Re: perl OOP

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Hi. Something wrong with the answers you got in c.l.p.misc?

Please don't multi-post. If your question is relevant to multiple groups -
this one isn't - you should cross-post a single message with multiple groups
listed in the Newsgroups: header, not post multiple messages to a single
group each.

The advantage of cross- over multi-posting is that replies will by default
appear in all groups, and also that once read by someone the message will
not show up again as unread in another group.


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