Perl modules for linear algebra - namespace

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while working on a tool for analysing FEM (finite element method) models
and results I had to do some linear algebra in Perl.  I checked PDL,
Math::GSL, and Math::MatrixReal but all these existing modules turned
out to be unusable for me.  PDL and Math::GSL both depend on external
libraries and are therefore not pure Perl.  Math::MatrixReal failed due
to excessive memory requirements and overall complexity (speed) of the
underlying vector/matrix objects.  Therefore I wrote my own routines to
do the job and now I would like to provide the resulting modules via
CPAN so that others can benefit, too.

What I would like to check in advance are namespace issues.

First I wrote a pure Perl module of basic linear algebra subroutines.
The interface is designed according to the latest BLAS specification
available at < except that it
operates on plain Perl arrays.  I choose 'Math::BLAS' as the package
name for this module.  Any arguments against that name?

Next I wrote pure Perl modules for LU matrix decomposition and
eigenvalues/eigenvectors calculation of a real matrix.  Again, both
modules operate on plain Perl arrays.  I propose to install them as
'Math::LinearAlgebra::LU' and 'Math::LinearAlgebra::Eigen'.  I guess
the prefix 'Math::LinearAlgebra::MatrixDecomposition' is too lengthy.
Any suggestions for better names?

Thank you,

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