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          for my perl file to be executed I need to install DBI,
DBD:ODBC. I have tried install by ppm. But my college server does not
allow me to do that. How can I download and install individual
packages. I have some which has DBI.ppd, read me file. If I try
to install that .ppd file it is saying "no suitable installation target
found for package DBI". Shall I need file? Can u please give
idea of what to download, where to put that file, how to install it? I
am haing my perl filder in C:\ drive. I am using WInXP, Active state
perl 5.8.X..

Thanks & regards,
Siva Rajesh

Re: perl DBI installation help

"rajesh" <

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That usually means that the ppm you tried to install was built for a
different version of perl (or a different OS) to what you have. Have a look
inside the ppd file. Since you're using perl 5.8 on Win32 you want to find
in there:

<ARCHITECTURE NAME="MSWin32-x86-multi-thread-5.8" />

If it says:

<ARCHITECTURE NAME="MSWin32-x86-multi-thread" />

then it was built for Win32, but for perl 5.6. And if it was built for some
OS other than Win32, it will be different again.

However, if you're running ActiveState perl, then you should already have
DBI - as that package is included as standard with ActiveState perl. To
check that you have it, enter:

perl -MDBI -e "print $DBI::VERSION"

That should report the version of DBI that you have. If you don't have DBI
it will present you with an error message complaining that could not
be found.


Re: perl DBI installation help

HI Rob,
            Thanks a lot. it works now. But as I guess the DBI  is not
coming by default with   active state perl even for higher verison also
like 6. finallly I got the right ppm and could able to install DBI

Sisyphus wrote:
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Re: perl DBI installation help

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Looks like my mistake. Sorry  - I found that my ActiveState perl had DBI
installed in it, couldn't remember having installed it, and concluded that
AS perl must come with DBI.

However, at some stage, I must have done 'ppm install DBI' and then promptly
forgotten all about it :-)


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