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I just installed pdl module from activestate on win32 machine but I
cannot run the demo with the pgplot -- it is not working.   Please let
me know if I am missing some modules..   Thank you.

Re: pdl on win32

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What have you observed that leads you to believe that it is "not working"?

Providing some symptoms is often useful in obtaining a helpful diagnosis...

Tad McClellan
email: perl -le "print scalar reverse qq/moc.liamg0cm.j.dat/"

Re: pdl on win32

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perldl> demo pgplot
I see the message stating "Can't locate PGPLOT.pm in @INC
after this I see many lines of error messages from line 3 to 2272.

Thank you for help.

Re: pdl on win32

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See? You don't need to ask us if you're missing any modules - Perl has
already told you that you are.

Installing PDL on ActiveState presents a bit of a Catch-22. There are
instructions for installing it with PPM in the win32/ subdirectory of
the module tarball, but using PPM means you don't normally download
tarballs and look inside.

Here's the instructions - it looks like you didn't install all of the
modules listed here.

Installing on Win32

To install via ppm:

First up install Astro::FITS::Header by running:
  ppm install Astro-FITS-Header

Then install the OpenGL, PGPLOT and PDL modules from the uwinnipeg rep
by running:
For perl 5.8:
  ppm install http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms/OpenGL.ppd
  ppm install http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms/PGPLOT.ppd
  ppm install http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms/PDL.ppd


Re: pdl on win32

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You can 'ppm install' PGPLOT from the uwinnipeg repository. The actual
command you need to run may vary depending upon whether you have
perl-5.8 or perl-5.10 (and upon whether you have added the appropriate
uwinnipeg rep to the list of reps that ppm searches by default).

The 5.8 rep is at  http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms and the 5.10 rep
is at http://cpan.uwinnipeg.ca/PPMPackages/10xx .

During installation of PGPLOT you'll be prompted to install some extra
files - make sure you accept those prompts.

There's also a PDL package at the uwinnipeg rep (for both 5.8 and
5.10) that includes some extra functionality, missing from the
ActiveState package, so you might like to re-install PDL from the
uwinnipeg rep. (To do that, you might first have to run 'ppm remove

You might also be interested in 'demo 3d' - though you may need the
uwinnipeg ppm package for that to do anything useful. I'm not sure
which version of PDL ActiveState are providing - the current version,
which is available from uwinnipeg, is 2.4.5. Version 2.4.6 will be
released soon.

See how you go. Let us know if you strike a problem - and also tell us
which version of perl you have.


Re: pdl on win32

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I was able to install the files from uwinnipeg ppm packages,  dll
files were installed and new pdl was installed -- thank you very much
for help.

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