PDL-2.4.4 released

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It's available from http://search.cpan.org/~chm/PDL-2.4.4/ ... or will
be as soon as it permeates through to the various mirrors.
The release notes:

General Notes:

- Bad value support is now enabled by default for PDL builds. This
feature allows simpler handling of missing or invalid data during
processing. For example, missing pixels could be interpolated across.
Calculations could be skipped for missing data points...
Edit the perldl.conf file to turn off bad value support before
compiling if needed.

- This release includes significant improvments in portability,
enhancements in functionality, and *many* bugs fixed.

- PDL::Graphics::TriD modules for 3-D and image visualization are
being refactored for improved portability and performance. Preliminary
hooks are in PDL-2.4.4 to support the new functionality. Announcements
to the perldl mailing list will be made when the
PDL::Graphics::OpenGL::Perl and Term::ReadLine::FreeGLUT suport is on

- Builds out-of-the-box on cygwin and win32

- perl 5.6.x is explicitly required to configure and will go away in
future versions. 5.8.x and above are the recommended versions

Summary of Changes:

- Improve uuencode support in Dumper for additional OSes such as *BSD
varieties that may need additional options to prevent stripping of the
leading slash in pathnames including: darwin, netbsd, openbsd,
freebsd, and dragonfly.

- Updated more PDL tests to use the recommended Test::More

- Updated PDL::Graphics::PLplot build support for more 5.9.0 specific

- AutoLoader ~ expansion has been updated to conform more closely to
the ~ expansion in the bash shell

- Better checks for a valid PROJ4 build environment are now performed
before attempting to compile PDL modules using it

- PDL now builds and runs on perl-5.10.x

- The perldl shell has added support for using FreeGLUT for display in
analogy with the existing Tk event loop support. This enables
refactoring of the TriD modules to use the Perl OpenGL module (a.k.a.
POGL) instead of the internal, and deprecated, PDL::Graphics::OpenGL
et. al.

- The perldl acquire/filter/execute loop is now $_-safe by using
$lines instead of $_ for all the central modifications. Avoids
problems with some AUTOLOAD functions that leaked $_.

- Removed ExtUtils::F77 from the required prerequisites for PDL to
improve the buildability on platforms without an available fortran
compiler. If you have a fortran compiler and EU::F77 installed,
PDL::Slatec will be built.

- zeros function added as an alias for the zeroes function

- Many warning messages that were not actually problems have been
quieted, especially many pointer to int conversion messages

- Added $PERLDL::HISTFILESIZE to allow configuration of the number of
lines of history to be saved by the interactive PDL shell.

- Fixed implementation of the pctover() function to address bug
#2019651 on sf.net. Added explicit documentation in the code on the
algorithm being used.

- Various updates to the PDL FAQ

- Implemented a PDL interface to the Minuit minimization library from

- Removed circular dependency in PDL Makefile.PL Makefile generation
process which caused builds with some versions of make to fail

- Multiple fixes to enhance configuration and build for win32

- Added basic table-inversion to t_lookup for PDL::Transform

- Fixed problem in uniqvec() where it failed to generate a correct
result if all the input vectors were the same, fixed bug #1869760

- Add improved 16-bit image support for IO with rpic() and wpic()
provided you have a recent version of the NetPBM library that supports
16-bit images

- Enabled building of GSL on Win32.


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