PDF::Create (or alike) to create watermark for existing pdf file?

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Dear perl-ists:  I tried out PDF::Create 0.01 (from cpan), and it is
great.  kudos, fabian.  creates wonderful, clean, small valid pdf
output.  my only complaint is that its numbering system.  on cpan, it
seems to be 0.01 ever since 1999?  ;-)

alas, my need is slightly more complex.  I need to underlay an already
existing pdf file that was created by pdftex with a page that I can now
create with PDF::Create (or some other program).  that is, the latter
should become the background ("watermark") for the former.  to
re-pdftex  the former would simply take too long, so a personalized
watermark is my next best solution.

now, PDF::Reuse seems feasible, but I could see no example of how to
use it to put up a watermark on every page for an existing pdf file.
if it works, does someone have an example?

or are there any other modules that can do what I need?


/ivo welch

Re: PDF::Create (or alike) to create watermark for existing pdf file?

let me add:  PDF::Create seems to be able to create many pages, but
itself it can only use the first page from an existing .pdf file, at
least as far as I can tell.  alas, my pdf document has many pages, not
just one!  :-(.  did I misunderstand this?  /iaw

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