PDF::API2 stream problems

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Hello all,

   I am relatively new to using PDF::API2 and am having a difficult
time getting the results needed so I turn to the gurus for help.

   Situation is: I have a pdf document created from a word document
using Adobe 6.0.  I am using keywords in the document to be replaced
by figures gotten from perl scripts that have run. End result is some
of the key words change, others do not. When they do change, the
result is all characters of the new string are on top of each other.
When I Data::Dumped the stream, it looks as though there are Tj tags
in the middle of the keywords. Is this a problem when doing a line

    $stream =~ s/foo/$bar/;

    A question I came up with was, does this happen when using Excel
to create the PDF? Is there a difference to the end document?

    Also, and this is the big one, I need to be able to put images
into the stream and haven't been able to utilize the
$pdf->image_png('file') properly. Is there a way to dump a png image
into the stream? Or would it be safer to use an art box?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The deadline is looming VERY

Thank you,
Eric Olson

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