Parsing Doctype Entitites using XML::XPath

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Is it possible to get get values of Doctype Entitites using

My XML looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE AGU-article PUBLIC "-//AGU//DTD article AGU DTD version
 " /[path]/AGU-Article-3.43.dtd" [
<!ENTITY fig01 PUBLIC "etc" "2004gl020054-f01.tif" NDATA tif>
<!ENTITY fig02 PUBLIC "etc" "2004gl020054-f02.tif" NDATA tif>
<!ENTITY fig03 PUBLIC "etc" "2004gl020054-f03.tif" NDATA tif>

Getting the article media file names is easy enough using XML::Parser.
I just create an ENTITY Handler sub and print @_[3]. The problem is
that I intend to use XML::XPath throughout my script, and I'd rather
not waste the memory/time used creating two objects, for $parser and
$xpath. Also note that the script will parse a list of files, maybe
twenty or more. If I could get these filenames using XML::XPath...
well, that would be sweet.

I've checked out the documentation and searched through various
usenet, but haven't found a direct answer.

Any hints would be appreciated.


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