Parse::Readelf 0.01 - parse the output of readelf

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I uploaded an alpha version of a new module to parse the output of
readelf of the GNU binutils suite:

Parse::Readelf is a module to parse the output of readelf from the GNU
binutils suite.  At the moment only small parts of the debugging
section are supported to get information about the structure layout of
the variables of a binary object.  Also only Dwarf-2 debugging
information is understood.

As this module parses the output of readelf of course you need that.
objdump would work as well but as it's part of the same suite there is
no real reason to use it instead of readelf (at least for Dwarf-2, for
Stabs or other debugging formats there might be a difference).

The test-suite needs the Unix command "cat" to simulate a test run
with prepared output.  The test suite also seems to have a problem
with Perl versions 5.6.n.

So far the module(s) are only tested with Perl 5.8 versions on Linux
and Solaris.

Regards, Thomas
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