Out of Memory error

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My company has a website that handles users playing orders every week.
I was asked by my manage to test the website performance when the
orders are created by users in tens, houndreds, thousands at the same

The way that I have emplemented is by running some perl scripts on my
LINUX box. I have been using perl 5.8.4, on top of that are some free
modules that I have found from cpan.org.

In my script, I have created 10 main threads, and for each main
thread, I have created another amount of child-threads. So once the
script is started, there will be a number of child-threads running and
each child-thread simulates one normal user' interaction with our
company's website.

I put that script in an loop that runs day and night and everything
works perfect till couple days ago, when I am seeing following error
Out of Memory!
Callback called exit at ...
I have checked internet, and my understanding is if there is an
endless loop, deep recursion, etc, that error may happen. But on the
other hand, it only happens in the early version of perl, such as perl

So my question is does someone know why it happens in my environment,
and any possible way to have it solved ?

Thanks a  lot for anything.


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