"Operation Not Permitted" error while using Instantiating BerkeleyDB on Win32

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Hello Ladies and Gents,

I'm not on expert on the BerkeleyDB Environment, and unfortunately we
do not have any built Utilities for the Berkeley DB here for me to
examine what went wrong.

Anyway we have a very simple PERL program running which "Ties" a data
structure to the Berkeley Database. It's been running smoothly for a
while, recovers nicely, and is maintenance free.

Except recently it just doesn't start up.

Here's the Perl statement:

my $env = BerkeleyDB::Env->new(-Home => $berk_path,
                         -Flags => DB_INIT_TXN|DB_CREATE|DB_INIT_MPOOL
                        -ErrFile => *STDOUT)
       || $logger->logcroak("ERROR - $@ -  $BerkeleyDB::Error received
on BerkeleyDB instantiation");

The Error Message simply says "Operation Not Permitted".

This has not really helped me any.

We had a few berkeley environments on the server -- ALL of them spit
out the same error message when instantiating
the environment.

The easiest solution is blow away the environment and start from
scratch. Of course, it kind of stinks as you lose the data (we have
backups of the data in a non-berkeley db form, but the backups are a 1
day delay)

How do i go about debugging this error? Also are there any pre-
compiled berkeley db utilities out there? I don't want to build these
utilities from scratch as that's a project on itself I feel. Or can
the BerkeleyDB perl module be written to do "utility" kind of
stuff...i.e. truncating log files, data dumps, etc.

Any help is appreciated.


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