opendocument -> csv filter ?

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there is an openoffice perl module by Jean-Marie Gourne, but I have
never managed to figure out how to get this module to properly extract
spreadsheet data into simple csv files.  (I know it needs a
decompression of repeated elements, but I could not pass it the right
parameters to make it stop complain.)  has anyone written a sample
program that does this?  a sample would be highly appreciated.



Re: opendocument -> csv filter ? wrote:

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There is a getTableText() method in the package; it directly exports the
content of a table as flat text, with parametrizable field/record
separators (the default separators are ";" and "\n"). It may be convenient
for simple CSV extractions. This method works with spreadsheets as well as
with tables included in text documents. Caution: in spreadsheets,
getTableText(), like any other table-related method, should be used on
previously noormalized tables (look at the normalizeSheet() and getTable()
entries in the manual).

The following example opens a spreadsheet, selects a sheet by name in a
document, then exports is as CSV:

# get a read/write handle to the content
my $doc = ooDocument(file => "mydata.ods", member => "content");
# normalize a 80x30 area in the
my $table = $doc->getTable("Sheet1", 80, 30);
# exports the content
print $doc->getTableText($table);

The CSV separators could be setting the appropriate variables in the
field_separator and line_separator instance variables of the document
handler. For example:

$doc-> = ',';

will force any subsequent getTableText() to use the comma instead of the
semicolon as CSV field terminator. The field_ and line_separator variables
cas accept any arbitrary string, so they could be used to create custom,
non-CSV markup.

Other methods, such as getCellValue(), could be used in order to build more
specific table export applications on a cell by cell basis.

All the table-related stuff of the API is described in the
OpenOffice::OODoc::Text manual chapter


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