No clickable input with activeperl at line 1345

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I am constantly getting the no clickable input error msg with whatever input
I use:

No clickable input with name .... at C:/Perl/lib/WWW/ line 1345

Is this a known bug?

what is the workaround?

Re: No clickable input with activeperl at line 1345

I am not at all an expert at this, so take what I say with a grain of
salt and skepticism because I may be wrong.

First, I know that WWW::Mechanize doesn't work with some systems (ie It
won't work with IIS and you might get a weird error like that), so make
sure you're on a compatible platform.

Second, you may want to post some of your code up here so that we can
take a look.

Third, you may want to try using the submit() method instead of trying
to "click" the submit button:


That method doesn't try to click anything at all, it simply submits the
form. You may have better luck using that.

But, as I said, I'm not expert at this. I'm sure somebody else will
come along with a more specific response than mine.


Re: No clickable input with activeperl at line 1345

Quoted text here. Click to load it

everything else works fine however this is the part of the code
is having problems with in line 1354

$mech->follow_link( text_regex => qr/viewtopic/ );


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