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Hi everyone

This is my first posting and my first module (proposal) for CPAN.
I need some advice..
I am about to write a module (another one you may say) to put things
on images.
The concept is to cut an image into boxes on which things are drawn.
There are (and will be more) backends for graphics libraries. The goal
is to use the same user code with different libraries like GD,
ImageMagick, Imager and so on. One could start a programm with IM and
then just switch to GD by defining a different library in the
constructor method.

The idea is to make it easy to implement more backends.
And to make it easy to write wrappers which use the basic
functionality of the module. And wrapper-wrappers.. ;-)

You may find the code here: /

There is some documentation as well..
Perhaps read lib/ / lib/MNNM.html first.

There are some examples in /examples to demonstrate what can be done
already and to see if it can be done on your system.
(Note: you need to install GD or IM to run them, or both if you run
them all with

The first thing this module needs is a good name (for CPAN).
My No Name Module is perhaps not a smart choice. ;-)

What should be done next?
When should I ask for an PAUSE account?
Some more advice?


Re: new module proposal

On 03/29/2008 01:02 PM, mättu wrote:
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Based upon your short description, I might suggest Image::TextTiled. You
might want to do a 'tar tvzf mnnm-0.05.tar.gz' to check if the files
have the ownerships and permissions that you want.

Good luck.

Re: new module proposal

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You can create a PAUSE account whenever you like. (You don't have to
wait until you've got something to upload to CPAN.)

When you get around to uploading your module you can also "register
the namespace" if you want. But namespace registration is not
compulsory - and it's my impression that many authors don't go to the
trouble of registering their modules. I forget the details of
namespace registration as I no longer bother with it - but it's not
hard if you do want to register your module.

These days, if I want to upload a new module to CPAN I simply upload
the source tarball (tar.gz) using my PAUSE account (by selecting
"Upload a file to CPAN" on the PAUSE menu), and everything else gets
taken care of automatically - without any further action on my part.


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