New Module planned - MTA policy server, content filter interface, log parser

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Hello all

i tend to release a module-bundle of mine. It is rather an
application, such as Catalyst or Mail::SpamAssassin (of course smaller
then those), then a single purpose module. Before i release this, i'd
like to ask whether anybody is interested in this.

In short what it does:
* It can be used with MTAs, such as postfix (only tested with postfix,
so far).
* It combines a policy server, a SMTP content filter (interface) and a
log parser. All run as separate servers, but able to communicate and
based on the same core modules.
* It does already include the "common" features (greylisting, DNSBL,
other white- and blacklists, SPF support, honeypot, throttling, DKIM
support, interfaces to multiple spam- and virus filters, archiving,
mime header manipulation and so on.. most of them based on existing
CPAN Modules) but the general idea is to be an extendable platform.
* It uses Cache::* modules for caching and DBD::* and MongoDB for
database support.
* The configuration is based on YAML files.
* Can be deployed either on a single mail server or in a distributed

Before you point out: there are already a bunch of policy servers (eg
policyd-weight..) and content filter interfaces (eg amavis), all
written in Perl -> True, but none on CPAN (afaik) and all that i know
are single purpose, self-sustained, in matters of interacting with
each other.
This approach is not entirely different, but has a "global point of
view" design. The initial goal for me was to simplify and generalize
the spam fighting measurements on my own mail servers. The interaction
between the multiple stand alone solutions i used before, was always
kind of a patchwork and lead to unnecessary errors and to much time
spend (i'm lazy) on configuration and adapting issues.

It is based on POE and uses Moose a lot. I'm writing the final tests,
wrap up the documentation and try to verify it's stability in a live

* Is anybody interested in this ?
* What name-space would you suggest (it actually has a "project" name,
but i am not sure where in the hierarchy it would fit best.. maybe
Mail:: or Postfix::) ?

Greets from Berlin

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