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Having carefully perused the list at

I am reasonably certain that the module I'd like to submit (pending
approval from higher up) does not yet exist, nor does a suitable
namespace exist.

I have written a module that provides a single API for both the Sun
Grid Engine (qsub, qstat and all that) and a local fork/wait module
that runs jobs in a subprocess, communicating through pipes. My
employer uses this as part of a web application that we run either in
Grid Engine or Standalone configurations, and I think it might be of
use to other folks.

One of the tasks my web application runs is called a Scheduler; it
queries a database and submits pending jobs to be run. The current name
fot this module is JobQueue, consisting of two modules,
JobQueue::GridEngine and JobQueue::ForkingLayer. I'd like to use the
same names in CPAN.

Alex Beamish (talexb)
Toronto, Ontario

Re: New module namespace wrote:
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The list you refer to is by its own third line a year and a half old,
and only contains registered modules at that. Have you looked at Or browsed Randy Kobes' search?

Given that this is Sun-specific, if you're starting a new top-level
namespace, maybe it should start with Sun::. Or be part of the Solaris::
stuff if applicable, by analogy with VMS::Queue, which is an interface
to that OS's queue manager.

Tom Wyant

Re: New module namespace

Thanks for the tip on Randy's search .. I'll look through that.

This is not Sun or Solaris specific .. we're using the Sun Grid Engine,
running on a bunch of Red Hat 9 boxes (and soon, fsome FC4 boxes). The
fork/wait is strictly Linux.


Re: New module namespace

I've spent some time looking at Randy Kobes' site at

And have found the following modules:

  Parallel::Queue - for running coderefs in parallel
  POE::Component::JobQueue - appears to do what my module does, but
within the POE ecosystem, using worker sessions and tasks
  Net::Download::Queue - for downloading files in parallel
  Queue::Base - an OO stack
  Heap::Priority - an OO stack w/ priority
  IPC::DirQueue - a queueing implementation
  Data::RefQueue - another queueing system
  Thread::Queue::Multiplex - thread safe publish/subscribe queue

These modules are in the same ball park, but none of them are really
close. Probably the best namespace to piggyback on would be Parallel,
so my modules would be Parallel::GridEngine and Parallel::ForkingLayer
.. although I could change that last to ForkWait or even SubProcess.


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