New module Filesys::DfPortable & new version Filesys::Df

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Hey, I created a new module called Filesys::DfPortable. It is similar to ye
olde Filesys::Df but it also supports all versions of Windows (95 and up).
It is the first module that I know of that will pull filesystem information
from both Unix and Windows. If you want to check it out, you can get it

I also released a new version of Filesys::Df which is still Unix only. I
redid most of the code, added some bug fixes, added the ability to take open
filehandles as an argument, and changed the system call detection so that it
is more robust. You can find it here:

If you are asking yourself why Filesys::DfPortable didn't replace
Filesys::Df, there are several reasons. First of all I wanted to maintain
backwards compability with applications using Filesys::Df, and continue to
support and upgrade it. Second, Filesys::Df supports open file handles as
arguments which Filesys::DfPortable does not. Third, the interface between
the two has some minor differences, which again would cause problems with
backwards compatability. Fourth when Filesys::DfPortable originated, it was
very different from Filesys::Df and the two didn't resemble each other at
all. Only after a few releases did the two become similar in terms of code
and the interface.

Anyway if you have any questions or problems with either, please feel free
to post them here or email me.


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