Net-SSH-Perl with Cisco

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Hello All,

I've been trying to write a Windows script that will log into a Cisco
ASA using SSH2, run an escalated command, and return the results but,
I've run into a wall.  When trying to initiate the connection with the
ASA it always fails in the same spot.

Here is the debug from the Perl script showing where it fails:

HOST: Trying password authentication.
HOST: Login completed, opening dummy shell channel.
HOST: channel 0: new [client-session]
HOST: Requesting channel_open for channel 0.
HOST: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 1024 rmax 4096
HOST: Got channel open confirmation, requesting shell.
HOST: Requesting service shell on channel 0.
HOST: channel 1: new [client-session]
HOST: Requesting channel_open for channel 1.
HOST: Entering interactive session.
HOST: Channel open failure: 1: reason 4:

Here is the debug from the ASA:

SSH2 0: authentication successful for user
SSH2 0: channel open request
SSH2 0: shell request
SSH2 0: shell message receivedSSH0: receive SSH message: [no message
ID: variable *data is NULL]
SSH0: Session disconnected by SSH server - error 0x00 "Internal error"

I've tried contacting Cisco about this and they asked me if I could
SSH using PuTTY, which I can, then said they don't provide support for
scripting.  From researching online, I've gotten the impression that
Cisco does not support multiple channels in SSH2 for a single session
but, I've not been able to officially confirm this.

This is where I'm looking for your help.  Has anyone successfully used
Net::SSH::Perl to connect with Cisco devices?  If so, did you run into
any problems or have to implement a workaround?  Or to take this in a
different direction, what language/package/wrapper would you recommend
to do this?  Also, telnet is not an option here.

I can post the script if you'd like but it doesn't try to do anything

I appreciate your time and efforts.


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