Net::SSH::Perl Trouble with publickey authentication

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The system is a Solaris 8 Sparc, gcc, perl 5.8.5 without an internet
connection.  I had to modify some perl modules and header files to get
this thing compiled and installed on my box (especially for Crypt::IDEA
-- idea.h).

Does any one have succeeded in getting Net::SSH::Perl installed on such
a box without much frustration?

And now after installing(!), everything is fine with interactive
authentication.  However I couldnt get this thing to do publickey auth.
 OpenSSH is working fine with Publickey auth at the same time.

($auth->authenticate succeeds, but $ssh->login fails).  $ssh->login
succeeds if it is given the password.  Does any one of you have any
sample programs for publickey auth with Net::SSH::Perl?  That would
help me figure out if the problem is with my program or with the

Thanks in advance.


Re: Net::SSH::Perl Trouble with publickey authentication

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I remember lengthy installation with all those dependent modules.

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I use this general procedure:

1. Prepare ssh on client and remote machines - generating rsa or dsa keys,
public keys etc.
2. Run ssh from a command line. Ssh connection must be established without
any keyboard interaction.
3. Perl script: ssh method login uses login and password parameters.

This way I run several scripts on Solaris 8 Sparc machines with
Net::SSH::Perl module.

Radek H.

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