Net::SSH:Perl on Solaris and passwd

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This topic has come up in other places but solutions offered are either too
complex or just don't work.

I am trying to write an app for an internal LAN (so total security is not
really an issue).  One of the functions required is to run passwd as root
on a remote box.

I now have the app connecting fine using keys in ssh-agent so no passphrase
is required at run time.  The login occurs OK, from syslog messages.

I have implemented the register_handler for packets as per as we have to use SSH-1.

First try just showed "Sorry".  This is due to the security mechanism I
know about re tty on the session (ssh -t from shell). So I add the pty flag
to the ssh session.

The program now run to the cmd("passwd username") and then waits.  I can
see the passwd running on the target host.  I now need to kill passwd or my
local program to get console back.

The source box has a latter version of OpenSSH but Net::SSH::Perl only has
protocol 1 built.  The remote has only SSH-1.

Any ideas?


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