Net::SSH::Perl extremely slow?

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I have a simple perl script that connects to a remote machine and
executes a command. Net::SSH::Perl seems etremely slow, but I've tried
it on 2 machines (Suse 9.3 and Suse 9.2). They aren't the fastest
machine, but both are over 2GHz so I thought I'd be ok. Both have 1 Gig
of RAM. I've tested over the network and against the loopback

here's the code. It ends up executing completely, it just takes 20-30

Does this seem unusually long to anyone?

$ssh = Net::SSH::Perl->new("",debug=>1,protocol=>2,options
=>[ "UserKnownHostsFile /var/lib/wwwrun/.ssh/ssh_known_hosts",
"IdentityFile /var/lib/wwwrun/.ssh/id_dsa" ] );
     ($out, $err, $exit)=print $ssh->cmd("ls -la");

tia, y

Re: Net::SSH::Perl extremely slow?

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Try to supply passwd and port like this:
$ssh = Net::SSH::Perl->new("", port=>22);
 $ssh -> login('webrun','passwd');

My time is around 5 seconds.

HTH, Radek

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