Net::SFTP ssh_args=>[ ] syntax question...

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post for syntax questions,
but please help or at least let me know where I should post for

There's an example psftp script in the Net::SFTP module directory
which defines the following argument hash to pass into sftp:

my %args = (ssh_args => []);  # from the perl man pages, it looks like
                              # ssh_args can be any arguments
                              # accepted by Net::SSH, so I guess
                              # I can put a hash list within
                              # a hash?

I wasn't able to run that script cleanly to test if my Net::SFTP
module was installed correctly so I wrote a smaller script to test:

use strict;

use Net::SFTP;

<$host, $user and $pass definined here>
my %args = (user => "$user", password => "$pass");
my $sftp = Net::SFTP->new($host, %args);
$sftp->put("testfile", "/var/tmp/remotetest");

When I ran my transfer program, it exits with a complaint that it does
not know what port 'ssh' is and made reference to the Net::SSH::Perl
pm file...

I added ssh port 22 in my /etc/services file to temporarily fix this,
but I am really curious as to how I can define the ssh port within my
argument hash?

my %args = (user => "$user", password => "$pass", ssh_args => [port =>

Is the above right?  I don't see the [ ] signs used too often outside
of pattern class definitions, the only time I saw this was with slices
so I'm not sure what the correct way to input additional ssh arguments
into the ssh_args option.


Re: Net::SFTP ssh_args=>[ ] syntax question...

Cancelling this post. I wasn't sure where to post this message, this
was also posted on the comp.lang.perl.misc site and was answered.

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