Net::OSCAR and do_one_loop question

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Curious if anyone here has any experience with Net::OSCAR.

Below is the simple sample code from the docs (minus my actual
screenname and password).  What I added in the while(1) loop was a
simple print ".".  This was so I could see that I was truly looping
infinitely, and turns out I wasn't.

After a while I never comeback from do_one_loop until there was an
event (such as an incoming IM).  Then it would loop a few times, and
back to being stuck in the do_one_loop.

Which is really no good as I need my app to do other things.  I also
tried the sample code OSCAR which is included in the download off of
CPAN, it uses IO::Poll.  But the same thing happened.  After a while it
would not come back, unless there was some type of IM event.

Anyone have any experience with this, or perhaps know where I can ask?

Many thanks.

P.S.  For what it's worth, I promise I am not trying to create some
annoying AIM bot.  This is really for alert purposes.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

use Net::OSCAR qw(:standard);

sub im_in {
        my($oscar, $sender, $message, $is_away) = @_;
        print "[AWAY] " if $is_away;
        print "$sender: $message\n";

my $oscar = Net::OSCAR->new();

$oscar->signon($screenname , $password);

while(1) {
        print ".";

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