Net::NIS crashing with Sendmail::Milter

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I have written a milter script in perl that queries a NIS-server. After
several thousands, sometime hundreds of thousands, of connections, the
script always seems to crash when doing yp_match (tied version results
in the same behavior), like so:

my $nis_status;
my $nis_value;
($nis_status, $nis_value) = Net::NIS::yp_match($domain, 'passwd.byname',

Sometimes a Segmentation Fault is reported to the console, at othertimes
  the program is just no longer running. Everything works fine until the
crash, there is no forewarning.

I am using perl 5.8.5 och Fedora Core 2 with the latest modules from CPAN.

Anyone here have any similar experiences or tips on how to debug?

Thank you,

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