Net::FTP: No password == no pass

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The archaic HP 16500 logic analyzer FTP server does not ask for a
password.  Net::FTP hangs waiting for the password prompt.  Is there a
clever way to finesse Net::FTP to forego the password?

Thanks, T

Re: Net::FTP: No password == no pass

On Tue, 08 Nov 2011 08:50:12 -0800, SysTom wrote:
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Untested: Maybe redefine Net::FTP::_PASS as a subroutine that merely
returns Net::Cmd::CMD_OK?

Peter Scott /

Re: Net::FTP: No password == no pass

Turns out it didn't hang so much on the password.  This is the first
time I've tried with the Win 7/64b so maybe things changed?  Anyway,
when I turn off PASV things work fine. Thanks, T

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