Naming consultation request (proposed Geo::ReadGRIB)

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I'm about ready to upload my first module. It will give read access to
GRIB format files from Perl. GRIB stands for "GRIdded Binary" and it's
a format developed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) for
the exchange of weather product information. My particular interest is
having Perl access to Wave Watch III world wide marine whether model
forecast data which is published daily in GRIB format. My module can
access all the data by location (lat, long), date/time, and data type
(wave height, wind speed/direction, ...).

I propose Geo::ReadGRIB for lack of a more creative name. The top level
Geo:: already has weather related modules and my module will Read GRIB
file data and meta data (but not write them).

I'd welcome suggestions for a better name if there is one. Thanks.

--Frank Cox

Re: Naming consultation request (proposed Geo::ReadGRIB)

Based on the response here and elsewhere, Geo::ReadGRIB it is.

The naming consultation here consisted of no one thinking my name was
bad enough to make them reply. A clueless mistake would likely have
brought a response so I have as much of an answer as I needed.


--Frank Cox

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