Namespace Recommendation for Abuse Reporting Utilities Module

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I've been working on a module for one of my own projects and a few
friends suggested that it would be useful for other projects as well.  
I'm not quite sure where it should fit in namespace wise though.

Some of the functions already implemented in the module:

get_asn_info - takes an IP, returns a list containing following info
about the BGP announcement for the address: ASN, Network, CIDR netmask

get_soa_contact - takes an IP, returns the SOA contact email address for
the /24 reverse zone the address is in

get_ipwi_contacts - takes an IP, returns a list of unique email
addresses found in the whois information for the IP

get_dnsbl_listing - takes an IP and an DNSBL zone, returns the listing
text if the IP is listed or undef

get_abusenet_contact - takes a domain, returns the listed
contact address(es)

Plus a few other more trivial functions.  I also have a few functions
yet to implement.  My purpose for this module is a spam reporting script
I'm working on so I've named it SpamUtils.  In CPAN this would probably
be Mail::SpamUtils but this module would be useful for other forms of
abuse as well so perhaps something along the lines of Net::AbuseUtils?  

There is a Net::Abuse but it's purpose is the automated processing of
inbound abuse reports.

I would appreciate any feedback you may have on namespace as well as
features you would be interested in having in such a module.


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