Namespace -- Net::Telnet::Cisco::IOS

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Aplogies up front since I'm an utter novice when it comes to sharing
Perl modules on a large scale.  My excuse is that I'm a network guy,
not a developer, so I know not what I'm doing most of the time.  :)

The module I have is an extension of the Net::Telnet::Cisco module that
helps network admins use Perl to monitor and manage Cisco IOS devices.
It provides a mess of methods (31 at last count) that provide
information and do basic configs very simply.

Simple examples:

     print "My router is running IOS version " . $conn->getIOSVer() .
     print "Interface F0/1 is in VLAN " . $conn->findVLAN('f0/1') .

There's a SourceForge project for it at .
See that site for more info.

I think the namespace is pretty open-and-shut, but I just wanted to
start the discussion for PAUSE purposes.


Re: Namespace -- Net::Telnet::Cisco::IOS

Forgot to mention that I submitted this module to PAUSE as NTCI already
(one of many, many mistakes I've made in trying to get this thing on
CPAN).  What are the consequences of that?  I've hidden the namespace
already, but don't know if that is going to affect anything.



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