Namespace Lingua::ES::Perla for Perl in Spanish?

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I'm developing a module similar to Damian Conway's
Lingua::Romana::Perligata, only in Spanish. It will be significantly
less dramatic than what he did for Latin however, in the sense that
I'm just translating the verbal elements of Perl and leaving its
symbolic system (e.g. '$' for scalar variables, '@' for arrays)
intact. A version of Perl with Spanish keywords could be valuable to
people in Hispanic countries.

Conveniently (spelling-wise), "perla" is the Spanish word for "pearl";
I'm kind of attached to it as a name for the project, though certainly
open to suggestions. As far as the namespace goes, Lingua::ES::Perla
is my tentative choice. What do you guys think?

I've just applied for a PAUSE ID. Presuming it's granted soon, I
should have a rudimentary version of the module on CPAN within the
next few weeks. Thanks in advance for your comments!

Evan Murphy

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