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I was shocked, shocked to find no Rubik's Cube modules on search.cpan!

In thinking about it, I realized that when the Rubik's Cube was
popular, Perl didn't exist, and once Perl was popular, the Rubik's
Cube mostly existed only in the backs of closets, probably minus a few
stickers. But now, The Cube is back in stores! (I don't know why,
either.) And so, it is clearly time for a Perl module for modeling the
cube. As the author of another 80's-nostalgiac, useless module
(Language::Basic), I feel quite qualified to be the author of this

My current draft of the module includes:

- functions for creating a cube, turning a ring or the whole cube, and
seeing whether the cube is solved or not
- 106 tests!
- a program that lets you play with an ASCII art rendition of the cube
(sort of like the 3,000,000 online sites that have this, only without
no actual squares, in black and white, without mouse control, and in



ggg|rrr|yyy    ooo
ggg|rrr|yyy    ooo
ggg|rrr|yyy    ooo


So what do you think?

-Amir Karger

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